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Xuanlong scooter production standard is to design products in accordance with national industry standards and medical equipment production standards, the production, the establishment built a sound quality management system, product successfully passed the European CE certification, achieved with European quality standards, to further develop foreign markets and laid a solid foundation. In this area we can learn from domestic and foreign counterparts and Careline Korea's advanced technology and management models, accumulated rich experience and achieved gratifying results, with first-class quality, stylish new look has won domestic and international customers and suppliers of praise .
Anhui Lung Shun Traffic Equipment Co., Ltd. with the industry-leading technology, strong innovative strength, develop balance Xuanlong 10 brands of electric scooters, wheelchairs, products suitable for all walks of life to visit family, and a number of leisure and shopping attractions Sightseeing travel use. Product design, fashionable, easy operation, full-featured, reliable performance, no noise, no pollution, safety and comfort, environmental protection is an ideal tool for leisure travel.
Joining requirements
1, has a legitimate business qualification.
2, identity electric scooter and electric wheelchair industry, and wholeheartedly prepare for old age and cause electric scooter industry pay
3, approved Xuanlong model of development, approval Xuanlong brand of philosophy, and is capable of receiving Anhui Long-company training and guidance
4, has a good business idea, there are certain management ability and personal operation
5, having a good credit status and financial capacity
6, with appropriate and more competitive shop
7, has a channel network infrastructure, and useful for professional sales management team
8, on time, as required to complete the company issued sales tasks, and strictly comply with the company to develop regional management system
Joining process
1, contact Xuanlong sales staff;
2, applicants fill out the "customers intent table";
3, the applicant truthfully provide business and corporate identity store business license (the application form attached to the above);
4, the applicant to provide proof of financial strength;
5, store location maps, floor plans, where the streets photographs, Storefront and store photos;
6, area sales order to review and sign an opinion, the general manager;
7, after the approval of the shop, according to the applicant a unified image of the standard decoration store;
8, after the store decoration photo provided acceptance by the Area sales staff.
9, signed "Xuanlong scooter distribution agreement" and issued authorization.