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Job Concept

Job Concept

Core objective of human resource management
Attract talented people to join business, to develop their skills and their skills are utilized and play, to motivate them to meet the targets and get satisfaction from their work, to retain staff so that they grow together with the enterprise.
Talent Concept
Human resources is the core of all the resources, talent is a valuable asset, but also the fundamental driving force for the company's continued rapid development. Long-managers play good every employee expertise and potential, so that each employee in the best working condition. Long-always adhere to spare no effort to introduce and retain all kinds of talent.
Jobs without distinction or distinction. All Long-employees, regardless of rank, regardless of position, in the personality equality. Any staff positions, as long as serious, dedicated, conscientious and strive to improve their work, improve efficiency, to make the results would be respected.
Employment outlook
Adhere to "find talent, Understand use, utilized, can make the best use of" employing the policy, implementation of the "product defects can make up character defect can not be repaired" employment thinking, follow the "Germany can both, to Germany first" employment standard. Character is the primary factor in hiring employees and management personnel selection, good character mainly for having a good work ethic, good work ethic mainly as integrity, responsibility, cooperation and progress.